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Your heating and cooling systems is expected to keep you comfortable year round, from 0 degrees in winter to 95 degrees in summer. In order to do this your system must be maintained in top condition. Having your system serviced in both spring and fall is essential. Even though we cannot prevent every mechanical problems, regularly scheduled maintenance can prevent many costly repairs before they become critical. Cleaning coils, replacing worn out controls and checking refrigerant levels are just a few of the ways we can prevent such problems from occurring and keep your system operating at maximum efficiency.

Most manufacturers require yearly maintenance agreements in order to fulfill warranty obligations. At the same time, Maintenance agreements provide you, the customer, with piece of mind throughout the year.

Call Lamping/Huser at 317-782-1524 to order your  yearly maintenance agreement. Prices vary due to system types, configurations and accessories. We will be happy to customize your maintenance agreement to fit your needs.


Residential, single system maintenance agreements start at only $170 annually

We're only a phone call away!

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